About በእንተ አነ


Dwells in Welkite hometown, bald’ and fan in fun, law, literature, outdoor, adventures, languages, and simplicities-after-mega-complexion.

New Year (in Adey) at Debre Libanos.

Formerly, (Distinction graduate) at Haileselassie I University (now Addis Ababa Unv.), Protection Intern at UNHCR, Junior Public Prosecutor at Addis Ababa City Admin, Journalist at AddisFortune Ethiopia, and a lot more. Now an enthusiast, freelancer, and private researcher.

What I do?

  • Watch Movies and Series such as National Treasure 1, Inception, Home, Paddington 1,
  • Read stuffs,
  • Travel around,
  • Help whenever, wherever where I can,
  • Write generic stuffs here at times,