ንባብ ፉክክርዎች [rEADING cHALENGES]

By the time a month and half is done, let us finish reading any book we select together here, and put a summary, with personal notes by the deadline. The best one we select, gets published here. (May be more than one can be published). But winning prize is for a single entry.

Books are chosen randomly. And the template (ጠብጠቢት) can be found here for download. Discussions, or book selections are invited. እስከ አጓጓን ድረስ፤ መነጋገር እና መሳተፍ እምንችለው ማንአችንም ነን። መልካም እድል፤ ከእራስአችን ለእራስአችን፨

List of rEADING cHALLENGES (with thier links)

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