Pyramid of Thought Strength

ስለ የአስተሳሠብ ጥንካሬ ተዋረድዎች።

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane, October 01st 2021GC.,

A thought is a power. An energy. Inter alia, it thus can be transformed. [A thought can be crude or clarified.] Mainly, our focus here is about transforming thoughts into the strongest understanding there is or we have know. So, which thoughts transform into which amount of understanding?

But know this. The thought that has an immense strength becomes a wider understanding. A thought that has no much insight/inspiration/details/ etc., converts into a lesser range of understanding.

Just finally, let us metaphorical-ise it. If one sees a young man slapped on the street, he feels sad. If one sees an old man slapped as he walks, he feels worse. If it was a year old baby slapped seriesly, one would be raging and could be tempted to act.

Thoughts are like these, able to show wider understandings to us. One bigger thought leads into a more series understanding than the other smaller understanding. Small-big scale means, the understanding allows us to be, let’s say genius, open minded, and so on. So, what we have said so far is, how can a thought lead into the widest understanding there is? How can we expand our perspectives to cram a higher level of understanding?

That is where the pyramid of thoughts comes. What is it?

A concept based on the premises that thoughts have different capacities to move into different understandings. It says, a thought can be focused around where higher facts or truth are processed to end us up in better grasping or outcomes of actions that have been build on higher thoughts, the ones that moves us stronger than others.

In the pyramid, we learn the bottom is where there is low strength of thoughts. We end up in picking up a cup, pen, or walk to our bed. These thoughts leads into no giant understandings. Who does them? Children, ordinary relaxing or reckless mode of a big person, etc.
The next layer, a bit less wider, is where a bit of mental hustle exist. A process of thinking is higher and it can be manifested in hurry of the body, an apparent relation thoughts transforming into physical realities of the body.
Upper, a thought of nearly hyper processing exists. According to the depth of the quality or substance accumulation of the thinker, a more successful result ends up coming. Here inventions come. The understanding is deeper. Thinkers are the ones that have been obsessed with some details and brought their thinking into a resolve.
Upper and so far the thinnest mind thought processing hence transformations of thought into some deeper understanding is the intense thinking. A high person after drugs, on accidents, special occasions, hyper, and so on modes can initiate and take the person into this portion.
Not to remind Koma (2020) or Lucy (2014) or other movies, but there are said to be stronger processing of thoughts that leads into highest grasping. More understanding, therefore, better results exist here.
It has to be known, one may not necessarily stay in the top of the pyramid. It just is important to know there are times to think according to these levels. Hence, just knowing this and waiting for it might be a good answer to this. Or, taking one self into some time and space where one can be higher in thinking better can be the plan.

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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