My Outlet (የግል ኬላ)

ቀላል የክረምት ጓሮ ግብርና ለማንም ቅፅ #፪ [Simple ‘Kiremt’ Home Agriculture for Anyone Vol. #2]

About a yearly update of our home agriculture experiences.

bY Bisrat & Binyam Hailemeskels, October 04ተh 2021GC.,

ብስራት ኃይለመስቀል አምና ከእሚጣልበት የአመጣው ትንሽ ሙዝ አሁን አድጎ ለማፍራት ሲቃረብ እና በጎኑ ስድስት ልጅዎችን ወልዶ ሲአሳድግ በጎኑ ሄዶ ፎቶ እንደ ተነሳው፨

Last year, we shared you our home’s backyard experience of easy agriculture that we thought is able to be done by anyone. This year, for we promised we will return. And sort of here we came. But we have no as much as last year’s experiences. Only few. But, updates on those we have done last year exist extensively. It is a fine .Doc to check as it tells where our long-term plants are after a year. The others (vegetables) are eaten already. Get our .Doc here.

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