ስለ ቋንቋ አማርኛ (ወይም ይልቁንም አማሊዝኛ) Amhalish

PHL – (The Perfect Human Language)

ስለ ከአወቅንአቸው 7,100 በላይ የሰው ቋንቋዎች አውጣጥቶ ፍፁሙን አንድ ቋንቋ ማበጀት። [A brief discussion about using all languages to make one most powerful language using linguistic geniuses.]

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane, August 24th 2021

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The human race has over 7,100 languages on record so far. Which is the best? Certainly mighty and potent English. But what about moving forward. Familiar with this case? In football games, a famous commentary is “…the GK did not catch it properly, it bounced out his hands,” etc. But a not that much language, Amharic would express the act of a GK touching the ball back into the pitch with deflections as, “ኳሷን ተፋት”, literally “he spitted the ball (FEM)”. It seems better expression than the English. Since the ball came back with power and “got out of the body of the GK” (did not get hold), the action expressed looks like it has a resemblance of a spitting act.

Clearly, human race has unique perspectives in his languages that are different. And no single language is perfect as some languages express a certain thing more powerfully than others. These goes true in nouns, verbs, idioms, proverbs, and so on.

The other point is, language has a power of shaping understandings as much as giving a chance of communications. One communicates using languages, yes. But one learns, get clear knowledge, from language’s truth. This is truer and manifest when two or more languages are mastered. It is a research proved – famously by Whofer – that increased level of cognitive, intellectual and critical thinking capacities exist in knowing two languages. Where does this come from? It is from the fact that, humans see things from different perspectives and bring that into their language and knowing two languages simply means knowing one thing using two different eyeglasses, perspectives. It is like having two methods of expressing a single thing. Meaning, the one might be better than the other.
The point then is, what about making a more perfect language for the human race using most powerful and more expressive vocabularies, and of course grammar rules? This language, allows people earn precise logic and more perfect chance of cognition, intelligence, and logic. Especially, logic can be learned more as the language has a strict transformation of reality into language. With this in use, most powerful language can be developed, and under normal linguistic ideals, what more could be perfect? Till “Arrival”s (movie) concept of language or other complex ideals are explored, the normal human language reality can reach its maximum capacity using a composite identity form over 7,100 languages or honing the crux of this concept.

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