ሥነዉሳኔኛ (About Politics)

Ethiopia should Embrace Modernity: There is no real Identity in Humanity

እንዴት የተሳሳተ የማንነት ፍቺ ኢትዮጵያን እየጎዳት እንደአለ እና ዘመንአዊ የምንመሆን ፍቺ አስፈላጊው እና ሀገርአድን-ሀገርስራ ጉዳይ እየሆነ እንደመጣ፨

Humans have many unanswered questions about themselves, each others, and the univers (or beyond). They cannot know more than limited items or contents such as what they managed to know so far, a good example being they are masters of the world or love is good. Thus, among other things, one conclusion is the fact that, they cannot for certain tell who they are. This conclusion becomes a source of other logics such as identity therefore is not real or perfect.
Identity in humanity is to begin with understood as a not settled concept. For some, it is being a human being. Who are these some? There are others who believe their flag, land, history, or race is the real identity. Anyone might hear identity is language or just belongingness of a sort such as being an LGBTQ person. Many might say these are components of identity, but while many disagree that assumption ghey also claim these components cannot be agreed upon. Then, there is fluctuation issues such as one has an identity of being a proud Kenyan and if she suddenly in international decade, she might believe being African is identity, or her religion is the only thing that makes who she is. Also, many humans do not know what identity means; these could be careless people, uneducated ones or just children.
Then, what is identity? Now identity is as a matter of fact – may be as opposed to necessarily truth – culture. Since mankind has not known who exactly he is, the best way to understand identity has been to channel his whole existence into understanding. Then, he answers his existential reality into this and that in words, but practically it only ends up being a culture. How one answers what he believes are his existential questions, ends up making culture. Hence, whichever content it is made from, usually it is how interactions are made or understood, how inter and intra connections are formed and ruled, how life is understood should go like and so on. This should have allowed human kind to understand better, in some places like it did. Cultural freedom has caused human race to understand its equality, and has brought about important changes in the modern era of the human race. People are accepted wherever they appear as human being and are bestowed fine amount of freedom and protections. In fact, that has helped diversity and powered developments inside nations.
But, the case of recent decades Ethiopia is disturbing, a case among very few in the world may be. Here, one reality is that people are using identity as a source of political and economic bedrock foundations. Pure knowledge common to human is understood even based on “identities”, and has caused tangeble troubles. The TPLF era has caused people to believe they are only their race. Any topic of discussion, unity, belongingness, and activities, or even residentials are to be based on this lame “identity”. But, Ethiopians are at times able to feel better than that. They believe in strong Ethiopianism as identity where they feel their long history and similar traditions are the source of identity and they underline it too firmly. The sad truh is that has not been perfect nor independent concept. They develop it as a counterargument or stand over ethnicity based understandings. As well, it is never wide, or modern. For instance, it does not incorporate even “marginalized ethnic groups”, or more precisely non-central (far from Addis Ababa or the majore three or four ethnic races) Ethiopians. This is clearly written on the manner of federal administrations, where nearly no single figure from these geographically peripheral Ethiopians are seen in any median offices, or common understanding of Ethiopia is out of range for these people. Identity has rooted a bit but badly in becoming the basis of nealry all politics, resource, and benefit making. Veteral horn of Africa researcher Alex De Waal, respected writter Tesfaye GebreAb, or National hero and “shimagle” Haile GebreSelassie, would be appalled by this. The former two have typically fine and similar overarching thoughts for the horn and reitrates the people in the horn of Africa shall integrate themselves and cooperate to build a fine and strong union that supports themselves. Haile would find the specific Ethiopian case too archaich where land is the only resource understood as important by Ethiopians and identity used as a tool to haphazardly make use of it, causing the nation lose its peace and thereby growth potentials as a whole. A result that comes widely, is taken individually based on “identity”. Integration and cooperative whims, if absent from the nation of over eighty ethnic groups, can lead into in no good end, in deed and can embarrase with no further inquiry.
When philosophically identity means only a method to channel existence into a sort of understanding, which has happened to be culture, in Ethiopia, it has become too grimmer than it could possibly be at this age for the old nation, and made its appropriate contribution – disaster. Politics in the nation has become impossible to imagine at national level, and only the power holders and its servants benefit out of it. Certainly, better arrangements are visible. Yet, for among the most backward nation on earth, identity has not recedded from its worst understanding. Humanity has not commenced. The nation, as old as time as per some arguements, has not evolved by half of its age. Humanity, out of its quest of itself, has made peace with some not-that-bad understanding of what he could mean. He has said, how he answers his existence, makes his who-ness. He shaped himself or his existence, into a culture and called it identity. That is not as bad as it read. It infact works. Peace, understanding, tolerance, and thus chances of growing or furher going in that road and civilizing, has been achieved out of that. More specific for this piece, cooperation and togetherness has been well drived out of it. Now, culture itself being misinterpreted on purpose by corrupt politicians in Ethiopian last thirty years – to mean food, clothing, and dancing methods etc., – much has been lost from what could have been achieved. While most identity concepts are fabricated in an effort to shape unknowable secrets of existence into an understandable concept, if they are modern, they help and least said do no harm. But, Ethiopians, among most vital yet untapped basic understandings shall consider identity as a wrong space they are in. While itself Ethiopianism as an identity needs a thorough investigation, as noted indeed by many, and rebuilding efforts, existing understandings of “identity in Ethiopia” has to be condemned. For it has brought deaths, displacements, political standstills and basic disagreements, Ethiopia shall consider its moves. Now, recent TPLF’s warnings to avenge Amhara people’s for having attacked them in 2020’s “law enforcement process”, whereby TPLF leaders where poached away from Addis to Mekele and then into bushes only though to return to Mekele after starving the region’s dwellers and casing international supports, says for itself that the nation is not as elderly as it boasts of its age whenever Ethiopianism is rasied as identity. Ethiopians has its test of its existence, with nearly everything worsening towards ethnicity based answers to existence making its meaning. So that the ethnicity diverse nation curb its unfailing sequence of ethnic based skrimishes and revolutions into power and control, modern understanding of humanity needs to be followed. When humanity has not answered its existential questions bit devised methods that suits it somehow, to be lower than that makes the nation more unbearable, and grimmer in its yet-to-come future.

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