My Outlet (የግል ኬላ)

የክረምት ጓሮቤት ግብርና ለማንም [Home Agriculture for Anyone]

A rainy-season’s simple attempts of home agriculture at Welkite with my brother Bisrat.

[Picture explainer: Bisrat holding red-roots ready for use]

This is a document on a last year’s (rainy-season called ክረምት) attempt to grow some plants, fruits and vegitables in our home at Welkite. We have made some results and they are presented in the document in Amharic for simple experience sharing ends.

Download the Amharic Document from Google Drive below.

“ኢ-ሙያአዊ ቀላል ግብርናዎች፡ ስለ አጫጭር መነሻ ተሞክሮዎች”፨

[Image above: Bisrat colonizing carots]

Till next program we make and meet, bye.

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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