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Possible Treatment to Develop: Any Memory forgetting Trouble as Connected with Brain’s Function Shifting

የአእምሮ የማስታወስ አቅምን እሚቀንሱ አመክንዮዎች ብዙ ይሆኑ ይሆን አለ። አንዱን የአእምሮ እምናሰራበት መንገድ መለወጥ የማስታወስ መንገድአችንን ይቀንሰው አለ እሚለውን መንገድ እዚህ እንይ፨ About how we might lose memorizing capacities, if changes we make in lifestyles change our mind’s functioning or exactly ways we access or use our brain. This can be lose of interests, care, or sudden achievements that are big that make us forget how we used to think by giving us new ways to think.

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane, February 2021 GC.,


From one of the Most YouTube watched Music

We humans have a brain that grows with us, cramming all our experiences and thoughts. In the process and finally, it makes us who and how smart we are.
Especially as age counts on, we encounter troubles. One is mental capacity diminishing, especially through memorizing power reduction.
And many real experts might have explained these many sorts of troubles. But here, the piece here attempts discovering one possible way to see this problem.
This is a belief from experiences and thoughts. It is not from a professional nor is it advisable for any processing except thought provoking for either enthusiasts or professionals.
So, the point in blunt is that, memory capacity diminishes because of lifestyle or deeper understanding changes in the brain. Let us expound that a bit more.
We live in a limited space-time resource and capacity. Since childhood, our hopes are some-ward. Then, we build on, may be change them. Environments moves us. And we are connected with them. We develop some sort of hope, dream, life, lifestyles, recurring flows, belief systems, and so on.
Basically, it might mean our brain remembers, functions, sees from some same habit. And we were fine. We remember easily, what ever we knew can be retrieved as we have one way to access it and put it as well.
Exactly when we see or make a shift in one of those brain-related aspects, there is a fundamental change in the way we process our thinking, and remembering.
Sudden loss of something valuable, sudden success of something deeply awaited, could like Joker hating finally hard earned good meals, disturb us. Simply, hard beliefs might be shifted when something fundamentally moves in our brain’s comfort or used-to zone.
That affects, the manner we retrieve past thoughts. That being a memory issue. For instance, we can analogize intoxication or sudden promotion after many decades. We used to think from some point of thought reference. Yet, all the sudden, we are intoxicated or overwhelmed. We have to dismantle frames of references. [Let us use other way to explain this. Memories, and thinking are made and retrieved, in similar ways. To think something we studied or invented, or to remember some information, we go through the same ways. It is like using a map. To remember some fact, we must go to the left, then right, then to this and that. Then we pick our memory. Usually, we might go the same psychological or mental roots to end in some memory. Thus, these roots are like references before the memory to be picked up. Without them, the mind cannot give us back the thought. For example, to remember how someone is too supportive, one might necessarily take the root of a thought that tells her what that someone did, such as gave invaluable times. Remembering those days is a root to understand how that someone is supportive. But, if we come to another understanding or shift in our system of thinking, such as knowing that the supportive person was manipulating situations to make it look like they were giving invaluable times, then we cannot end up in the thought or memory of how supportive that person was. It is there no more. We only remember how we were betrayed. Now, this is too simple, but if it is about bigger thoughts and complex memories, it will be more tick assumption.]
As we try to remember things the old way, the status quo is not there. Making it unlikely to be as efficient as the brain used to be. We feel our it is functioning poorer and mocking. In fact it is not serving poorer. Only, the whole set up tremored. Jamming happened. I forgot the movie, but there was this character that lost memory. And she resumed life from somewhere back. She learned her father cheated. Then went to her job, and realized she chose the job because of what her dad did. Going through some roots, gives some identifiable memories. Meaning, not going in them does not end up in those memories, and thoughts.]
It might worsen, given much adjustment is not made. Or it might be easily curbed, if taken care of accordingly.
The same goes in every aspect. Simply, speaking another point is no human has no single constant feeling from birth to death. We move in quality, types and depth of thoughts and feelings. Meaning, everyone has no matter what or necessarily, some mini multi personalities. The depth defines sickness.
If so, may be doing away with some personality might also affect thoughts related with such personality. We also might focus on single or lesser amount of mini aspects of us. Then, we live accordingly. Finally, retrieving memories from such abandoned or unfrequented spots anymore, could mean difficult brain functioning unlike prior days. We are not going to that personality, or closer to it. So memories developed from perspectives related closely to it, will fade away faster.
Also, another speculation is, if we grow older, we might like we said earlier, feel that is all. We have achieved much in our bucket list, and await good byes at once. Meaning, it is either possible or easy, to be prone to thought and memory loses that used to be a lot but now must have been without may be explicit whims but practically done away with. So, old age fails to burn at the close of the gate. Fighting till last breathing is forgotten, and growing understood like phases destroys the preceding phases of life. We concentrated only in being old. Apparently, memories must be lost from childhood into young hood, then to adulthood, and then to old-hood, partly because of this replenishing transition understanding. It ends up in that relinquishing of thoughts and memories from the preceding age and focus is made on the latest days, and in this case in the latest of latest days. If possible, to keep the same attitudes and hold on to memories always is vital no matter how transitions of age must be felt. If our brain crams thoughts and memories, it must be not so that we unload them at some posts, or scatter them in old age. If health can be rewarded, nature must wanted us keep on going interested no matter what. That way, no matter how we felt we have seen the process and steps of life, if we keep the brain’s basic function the same way, it is unlikely we meet the memory troubles at late ages.
In simple sentences conclusions, memory capacity loses could mean a shift of brain’s functioning. A manner we changed unlike before and necessarily so with depth and strength. So that by the end it is difficult to access memories as easy as the other days.
In fact the preposition presumed memories are sometimes placed according to the reality around us when me made them. In fact, we are hypnotized by things we connect with memories as expounded by Pavlov’s dog. So, making a big shift in the way we connect with such things as related with the memories, might affect the relationship with them in remembering.
Holding on to everything we had had, if possible keeping the observant and mindful personality so that mini personalities are not fused, and remaining calm after big or sudden achievements might help us fight memory capacity lessening. If it did not happen, perfect. If it did, these might be ways to develop, and if successfully established then consult and use to reinstitute them.

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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