የንባብ ፉክክር [rEADEING cHALLENGE]

EtoQuotes: Best Quotes in Ethiopia, for Ethiopian

Quotes from Ethiopia suitable for Ethiopia.

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane, March, 18th 2021 GC.,

Fours I have managed to collect, all the sudden. Hope is it expands.
Some quotes, or slogans, or anything similar, in Ethiopia, anywhere by anyone, with big dreams, and proper perspective, do might exist. These below are proofs. The collection is made because it allows see our archaic-ness and indexes itself as a solution. If so, the standard quotes that are best-for-Ethiopia, is met and we expand them. Here are my little collections.

፩) “ኩሎ አመክሮ ወዘሰናይ አጽንዑ፤”
የቀኃሥ. ኅዋአዊከተማ (Haileselassie I University) መሪ-መፈክር።

፪) “ፊደል ይስፋ – ድንቁርና ይጥፋ – ይህ ነው የኢትዮጵያ ተስፋ፤”
የተስፋ ገብረስላሴ ዘብሄረ ቡልጋ ለመላው ዓለም ምእመን የመንፈስ ምግብ አዘጋጅ እና አከፋፋይ።

፫) “Inquiry, Mastery, Service፤”
የአዲስአበባ ኅዋአዊከተማ (Addis Ababa University) ከአሁኑ ቀድሞ የነበረ መፈክር።

፬) “Seek Wisdom, elevate your intellect, serve humanity,”
የበለጠ የተዘረዘረው፣ የአዲስ አበባ ኅዋአዊከተማ (Addis Ababa University) መፈክር።

Help build this collection, through comment or using the contact.

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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