Tears: Any Other Secrets by the End(?)

በዕንባ በመታጠብ፣ የተሻለ የጭንቅላት ጉብዝና ደረጃን ማግኘት፤ ከእዛ መጠበቅ እሚቻል ከሆነ ለመወያየት።

bY binyam Hailemeskel Kidane, Feb, 21st 2021.,

[This is a thought sharing of simple wondering. Not thoroughly studied, researched, and not well refined either. And it’s an attempt to set up a hypothesis about an effect of an honest crying. The theme is, are there ways we can see crying in different ways? The shallow hypothesis is yes there is some solemn effect in crying honestly that is related with mind capacity honing, an issue not considered well ordinarily, or at least may be.]

First, let us see our background – crying.
Something sad, bad, hurting, unjust, just anything bringing our emotional-shield occurred. We burst into tears we can produce. (We cry. Again, we cry. And tears never failed rolling.)
Then, watch this next step. We sit, right next to the major crying. Our gut feeling a lot has gone. A bit it is less tears, less anger, and we are surrendering.
Then, we feel let go. Especially, when we cried as if it is all we can do, and we feel as if justice is done, or could not be expected from us any more. Crying was exertion. Through the deep tears, because we have finished all our statements from heart, and soul, it relieves yet, the anger, sorrow, or lose is still there in a different form. More than deep cries, nothing can be done. We pass the thing, to the beyond. Almighty shall see it now. Or at least, it is over now, anyways.

The question comes here. Have you ever had such moment? How does it feel to relieve one self of any thing against our joy with series tears? How have you, if you noticed, felt immediately after the crying is ending?
The tears cleans our troubles. They wash our misgivings, impotence, failure, loses, more and etc. May be tears are given naturally to do such ends inter alia. To take away pains, relieve us of hurting, loses and leave us with shining moments right at the end.
That important moment created in us by the end of our tearing is so strong dedication, mindfulness, honesty, brevity, honesty, love, care, and such. We see widely. We reduced smaller things off our brain. We see clearly. We are washed of the garbage we carried. We are free for the clearest thing there is.
It leaves us with strong determination unprecedented. We are set to be in front of the – ANY thing. Now the worst, has passed rolling tears in us, we are brought right into the new moment of new process.
The end is therefore, as crying stops, given releases achieved, we are bestowed a very clear mind. We see with focus. Heightened, and forgiven therefore now we are with the right for powerful, and righteous understanding-making. The justice is given back a bit. The tears, take away the errors, as if with making us feel right. Like a successful therapeutic crying.
If we feel right, repenting, grieving, and being saddened, and letting go, all of them bring us into a common shore. Which is clear, focused, well-or-better observant spot for our mind.

Then, seeing all the basics of tear’s immediate effects on us, what about may be crying on purpose to gain clarity? Lost somewhere, to something, or feeling a bit perplex, what about finding a moment alone and going into tears. Right until it is honest and we feel relieved.
Soon, the “different” gift of tears will be given unto us.
If so, what can be learned better than that moment shifting, reclaiming lost modes and may be even states or what ever?
May be, it can help widen the mind, let us control more of it. Remember. It raise level of focus? Once we are high on focusing, we might hold on to that state. Keep it longer. Makes us remain there. Flying high always then. On the inspired, focused, committed, braver, honest, principled, success-oriented, good state, we remain. We become better performers.
Meaning, we control a wider capacity to witness. Fair, level of awareness helps us admire beauty (see the art out of all existence), makes us smarter, brighter, better in capacity of memories, and well in becoming highly-creative.

Now on, if this can be proved well, another question. Many use laughter as medicine, release methods, and so on. What about comparison with power of this crying?
Still a raw thought. But, crying is more powerful, than its opposite. Why so? 1) Crying is so strong, and solemn. 2) Laughter is taken not seriously, happens all the time. Even to fake stuffs, to sale stuffs, and ordinarily on life, we laugh. Good. But for series missions like this it is less powering. We are used to it very much. 3) Dosage is varied. Much and much laughter is required to equate the quality (depth) feeling of a little tears. 4) Extent of effects. We cry we let go plus get focused, in control, and witness deeply, grow smarter, and as we tried to show it here, may be it advances our brain. Laughter do great jobs, but can not do all of these. Its effect boundary is not beyond release, joy, a bit of openness or inspiration, and so on. It expands our viewing state only little. Tears of joy performs this job even less than getting drunk.
So the conclusion is that, what we feel is different and unique right when we end our crying. Need be, studying can be conducted to see if Belachew Girma can be equated so that we get akin special servant to humanity who makes us cry no matter what, how. Just for good though. At least to develop a free way to all of us to reach our better capacity, or when other means are out of reach, or simple to make a new addition to self-help and discoveries.

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