My Outlet (የግል ኬላ)

Weirds from My Early Childhood

የልጅነት ነገር፨

bY Child Me

  • Drinking without interruption from a teeming 3 lts of a jug water while peeing, to check if the urine can stay very-very long. [Never did work. My peeing cannot keep the supply. So drunk more, gulping, as it weakens from below. Only it was to burst my belly.]
  • Fastening a piece of pope corn with little tread and swallowing the corn while containing the tip of the tread. [Checking if I could control my bowels from outside manually and connecting hands with bowels. I could not stand the case. i felt the tread shocking me in my throat and snatched it out back immediately. A bit it was deep in my body and returned out with sufferring and almost pucking. No second attempt!]
  • Preparing a very little privet notebook to take everywhere as a first grader and track and record my activities by every hour to understand myself better and keep evidence. [Did it for about a month. Was great]
    • One thing I know now. At times, I wanna do both again.

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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