መልካም ጥበብዎች Fine Arts

Everything Big From Beauty Grows: why Art could Save and Better Ethiopia

ሁሉ ነገር ከጥበብ ይመነጭ አለ፡ ለምን ሀገርአችንን ጥበብ ያድናት አለ ወይም ማንም ሆንን ማን ጥበብን ለምን እናሥስ፨

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane, March 03rd 2021 GC.

Exactly just like childhood, art of any form means everything for life. The quality and consumption of art determines civilization and way of life for privet and national lives. Ethiopia, as a nation of low quality and quantity in art, has many troubles in its whole existence. We are poor, way unevolved, weak public, less literate, and so on. If we are too in the back and at the same time the poorest and worst, while we do not produce and consume art and have poor understanding of it in general, then are there correlations? Definitely. How does art connect with ourselves and nation’s performance.
Art is how the world existed. Itself, creation is beauty. The Holy Bible starts saying at Genesis that God created the world, and saw that it was beautiful. God kept creating the rest of the creations, and saw it was beautiful, so he kept doing it all until it finished.
Meaning, everything starts with beauty in it. Art sees beauty, and hunt it. Then, the world, everything in it, and us are functioning based on art. And we are art. Nietzsche famously is quaoted saying, your body itself is a work of art than you can imagine. What is indeed not an art?
Boil it down. Life then, itself an extension of this grand beauty, is working under art as its overarching system. Hence, understand art, excel in anything like life. Know art, master to live the best way, mastering the nature of everything.
That is general and simple statement. Art is fundamental to our existence and makes our existence itself, and we are becoming perfect in aligning ourselves with art. Yet, how does it specify itself and how does the process specifically takes us to live in such excellence? Let us mention few cases to sample the procedural facts. But first let us explain art a bit better clearly. Art does not mean some performance or common creative effort. It means much more subtle, and incorporates everything than what is studied and sold under the intangible industry called art industry. It means, any beauty and thus logic in existence, and imagination. Art means the act of a perfect walking, driving, swimming, relationships with each other, business moves, innovations, the sky, meals, Christiano Ronaldo, films, music, paintings, roads and bridges, history, future, kisses, and any thing, that attracts by showing the mind a beauty to be stung like bees eat from the flower, itself an art. The conclusion is, art is anything that shows aesthetics, logic, curiosity, and allows some meaning for or reflections from us. It is a quality we read in any reality, process, revelation.
If art is wide as everything, how do we end up mastering life, nature and ourselves because we hunt he best art? As we started it, let us mention these samples then.
For instance, first, in art hunting, we become partial artists ourselves. Artists, this time the ones who are literally gifted and educated performers of some art, are able to admire some beauty, get moved by it, may be find some logic in it, and then pass it to us. Hence, in consuming some beauty in art, we become some form of artists. We are placed under the shoe of some understanding or revelation. That, feeds our scope of perspective. We grow smarter and at least one more understanding richer than before.
Second, from art hunting we become quality hunters. Finally, we become more empowered, and successful. Birds of the same feather flock together. If we belong to a world of quality arts, we reflect the same. We succeed more and become stronger in our inputs of perspectives, inspirations, and commitment, when we are chasing after quality art in anything. We consume quality football matches, quality music, TV shows, books, vehicles, and more, then most likely our world reflects the same quality. This does not guaranty success. But it has a clear direct relationship if given value by the consumer as consumption of quality life process ends up in quality production in return.
Third, in art driven world, we end up being like how God wants us be, civilized. Art loving society becomes more logical, egalitarian, less racist and backward. In art, we learn perfection as God saw in his creation and become happy. We rejoice in civilized existence, not to mention benefit. Hence, seeing the better side of sociological make up and power is helped in following art. Art is race-less, judgment-less, cooperation-inquirer, historical wisdom, and so on. Thus, we end up seeing the best in our common life and become more successful, civilized, together and powerful.

In totality, from finding the art out of anything and living while constantly seeing beauty out of anything, then we learn perfection. That is where the whole secret lies.
In the best of everything, art is the zenith that existed as the womb of that best part of the thing itself. Then, in becoming better civilizations, we end up necessarily being finders of the finest form of art in anything.
Ethiopia thus, need to call itself into art. Children need new ways of life if need be a change as the old way of life never ended up in prosperous and civilized reality.
Ethiopia must employ its art that existed. In history, traditions, diversities, and nature, much can be exploited. In honing the culture of art admiration, production, and usage, at any aspect of life, Ethiopians learn the beauty in existence, take away perfection from it into their system of living, and grow better. If one thing we have missed from our lives, indeed it is definitely quality. And it resides in art, where God put it. We need tolerance, modern mind set ups, culture, civilization, development, inspirations, logical understanding cultures, and so on, then we better delve into the art.

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