መልካም ጥበብዎች Fine Arts

A Technique or at Least An Informal Method of An Improvised Directing የ(ክወና) አዝማችነት አንድ የእንደምንምታ ክሂሎትአማአዊነት ወይም ቢያንስ ብልሃት

Back tapping while speaking can be a sound effect of Freezing Voice in directing

bY ቢንያም ኃይለመስቀል ኪዳኔ፤ ታህሣስ 2013 ዓም.፨

I do not know which sophisticated “sound-acting” art helping technologies exists.

Yet, there might be a simple method of making it look like an actors voice is freezing because of ice or cold situation.
To make the freezing actor speak in her freezing voice (to act in the coldness) without her being much worried, when she speaks her part, if one gently (in style) taps her back awaiting through intervals, the disturbance of her voice occurs and makes the voice freezing.

This sudden discovery, have been proved to work well in simple games any one can play. At least, in Titanic, when Jack was (about) to die of cold, at the beginning of the end, when Rose was freezing in the cold, her freezing voice might have not come after taping of her back (using this technique) but may be a better (even though hypothermia and role-relinquishment causing) real cold water set-up might have been used; or may be sound effects might be used through technology tools; but if one of these can not become the alternatives, at least as an improvised directing, it might serve as one successful escaping technique. Especial for only-voice acting, it can be fine.

ምን ውስብስብ የድምጽ ክወና ጥበብ መርጃ ሽልፍኖትዎች (technologies) እንዳለ አላቅም።

ግን፤ የከያኒ ድምጽን ወደ በረዶ ወይም ብርድ ሁኔታ ከትቶ እየተንቀጠቀጡ እንዳሉ አስመስሎ ለማስናገር ቀላል አማራጭ ብልሃት ሳይኖር አይቀርም።
ቅዝቅዝ ያለውን ከያኒው ድምጹ እየተንቀጠቀጠ እንዲናገር፣ (መንቀጥቀጡን ለማስመሠል) እሱ ብዙ ሳይጨነቅ እሚናገረውን ምልልስ ሲናገር ጀርባውን ዘግየት እና ጠበቅ እያደረጉ በስልት ደብደብ-ደብደብ (ድቁስ-ድቁስ) ቢያደርጉት፣ የድምጹ መስተጓጎል ተከስቶ የብርድ መንቀጥቀጥ ድምፁን እንዲያመጣ እሚያስችል ይሆናል።

ይህ የአጋጣሚ ግኝት፤ እሚያስኬድ እንደሆነ በጨዋታው መቀጠል የሞከርኩት ነው። ቢያንስ ጃክ በቅዝቃዜ ሲሞት አካባቢ በ Titanic ማብቂያ ጅማሮው ላይ ሮዝ በብርድ ተንዘፍዝፋ እሚንቀጠቀጥ ድምጿ ስትናገር ከጀርባዋ እሚደበድባት (ይህን ክሂሎትአማአዊነት እሚጠቀም) ላይኖር ቢችልም እና (ሀይፖተርሚያ ፈጣሪ የነበረ እና ሮዝን ከሚናዋ እንቢ ያድባለ የነበረ ቢሆንም) ሀቀኛ ቅዝቃዜ ጀምስ ቦንድ ቢገለገልም፤ ወይም ሀቀኛ ቅዝቃዜን መገልገል እሚቻል ቢሆንም፤ ወይም የድምጽ ተጽዕኖ (sound effect) በሽልፍኖት ቁስዎች (technology tools) አማራጭ መንገዱ መሆን ከአልቻለ፤ ብቻ ማለትም ቢያንስ ቢያንስ በእንደምንምታ አዝማችነት (improvised directing) ወቅት፣ እንደ አንድ ስኩ እግሬአውጭኝታ ሊያገለግል እሚችል ክሂሎትአማአዊነት (technique) ይሆን አለ። በተለይ ለድምጽ ብቻ ክወና ደግ ይሆን አለ፨

By Binyamhailemeskel

Hey there! If you want to know about me, I just like fun, commonsense wisdom, and human love. Let us live a bright today changing tomorrow into brighter.

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