ሥነዉሳኔኛ (About Politics)


ልጅዎች እና አዛውንትዎችን ወደ መሀከል ስልጣኔ በአንድ ድንጋይ ሁለት ወፍዎች ሂሳብ ስለመቃኘት፨

bY binyam HAILEMESKEL Kidane

Give me a child, years later, I wikl shape her into anything. The power in our change lies in our children and young. To change our future, let us change our children.

Great. And more than real. Many greats have told us the power in children perfect rearing. Bring up them the best, common future is greater is too a common knowledge. For if who succeeds nations, and administer us as politicians, lawyers, and such are today’s toddlers, then in fact, this is a dummies mathematics homework ten out of ten stuff. Children are our future, everything and everything.
Only had it not been for archaic tradition that used children for roles and early marriages, than prepare them distinctly, this fact would have been found in our best practices forerunning list as a nation. Anyways though, it has been now a somehow true fight to have children rights known, and a bit respected in Ethiopia. We are as a society reaping little fruits. Less kidnapping and early marriage, circumcision, etc. is reported and understandings are better everywhere.
And again, our future lies mainly in our children. In empowered posterity, your better country is soon. But, two issues (two birds with a stone) to discuss here. First, is it only the ordinary way of fighting to that end that we can follow? And second, can we also on the way (in the alternative to come below) gain more by seeing elderlies in a different way? May be the world now we have entered into might give an alternative.
What about seeing it this way; empowering the elderlies. May be not strictly new idea at first though. But see this.
The Dergue has helped today’s Ethiopia’s elderlies by teaching all and any illiterate Ethiopians in a year long national basic literacy program applied strictly literally even into the nooks and crannies as soon as it grabbed power. Result, most elderly citizens read and wrote a bit. Signed and counted. Not few pushed it into better self-changes.
No elderly was spared in the Dergue’s Ediget be hibret, roughly meaning, ‘Development through unity’ revolution. My mom, and many pray of that prayer-book till today, thanks to this paradigm shifting contextually real effort.
Then, what about returning to that scheme with robust, more wide and content-full plans, but with a bit variation? To begin with, if the society contains (which it very well does) many elderly illiterates after the Dergue’s attempts, why would not continues the effort now? At least seeing the results, it must be vivid how invaluable contextual truth it is for Ethiopia.
But, that is not the only or main point here. Ethiopia has some current situation going on for a time now if one can map it well. Urbanization has made itself rule. Like Bewuqetu Seyum’s Berari Hilmoch, an Amharic formal essay, every one from wherever she is, is eyeing the next a bit more complex town. Starting from the sticks into little, then bigger and so on finally to Addis Ababa. And the latter ones dream abroad. Second fact, wherever they are, elderlies are these days being attracted by the new tech-obsessed modern life. You find many selfies of parents and grannies they take with social networking teens of theirs and locals. The former ones are not much educated or know much of the process or the meaning. Yet, many of them understand it means something valuable to the generation and affects outlook others have about them. And many are attempting or forced to understand it, at the least, given the encroachment of the modern life everywhere. They feel they are old or excluded or else.
One thing has been witnessed everywhere. These elderlies have grown at least ambitions to make their children make great out of this modern life. Many are too eager on that. Sad is they have no much idea how except the crude ambition. They cannot even control their children when they buy them access of techs. They do not know as well what exactly to do. An android at fifteen or a home tutor or so and so are simply garnered for them with a hope they will make them fine in futures.
This is exactly where the two-sided issue pops up. What about awareness-creation on elderlies so that they guide, monitor and guard their children in this hyper world. They will respect children’s rights and give proper cares if guided. And second, get them into this way of life a bit. This society owes everyone in the past. But, we owe a lot the present that is fading. Hence, making elderlies participants of our new way of life is would benefit and pull them into a lot faster modernization.
Apparently, this is not about educated mothers and fathers. It is about the defining Habeshan parents, and their families. About the people who are understanding a shift in our way of life while they were marginalized and yet still want to be a part of it.
With this, we benefit from becoming the same in psyches and mentality soon without a need to wait generations to succeed. No matter generational gaps, we could harness the infatuating impressions mostly the uneducated elderlies are developing to slingshot their incorporation in the central way of life as well as putting into momentum the fight for children or for that matter women or environmental rights awareness as well. And Less advantaged children of little towns and most Ethiopian areas, benefit from parents who understands a modern life bit better.
Clear, we need a no-joke elderly policies, instutions, and as tough social workers as Dergue’s in teaching them modern lifestyle and it has to be fast. We could use a students’ summer vacation program same as Dergue’s or pre-gradation public attachment courses. Simple as that. Only taking the actions, researching the potentials and building it up, where we have to move on.
In conclusions, why is it very important and urgent? As it used to be a fight of only send them to school or do not force them into marriage, and that seems to have succeeded somehow, reaching out for the posterity needs more complex efforts. These technologies and perplex socio-economic life, are not explained for rural and poor children well in the present system we are having. Going to school has become not enough. Therefore, elderlies need to be taught more, and caused act a lot smarter. That way, they can provide us with empowered young citizens.
Therefore, it is with double success, that we need to see this endeavor. Since it only is in recent years that many technologies become part of daily lives in Ethiopia and they changes our lives at the central areas of the nation, much gap exists around us as a country. That is helped in this by bringing the elderlies into some awareness and intellectual educations or outreaches. The second benefit being seeing children becoming better served through it.
Hence, the country abridges the intra-societal gaps that are soaring already, bring social justice, protect the future just now. Cultural and commonsense similarities need to be helped since it also supports the economic efforts in no-short time.
If a solemn problem solving administration exists in Ethiopia, one among smart and easy but crucial crystal clear opportunity is this scheme. For a time as visible, we are in need of societal justice to bring elderlies into modern life and change our present and future with lucks that come with it.

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